Art of Tony Canepa

$22.00 - $39.00

Hidden Harbor
Mai Tai Glass

Image of Hidden Harbor<br>Mai Tai Glass

These beautiful mai tai glasses were originally created for Hidden Harbor tiki bar in Pittsburgh, PA. They have since sold out and this is your last chance to purchase!

Seamless artwork wraps around the glass, featuring artifacts from the Hidden Harbor bar, including their signature tiki, a mermaid, tiki mask, floats, a pineapple, bottles, skulls and more!

The glasses are printed with three colors plus real 22k gold or platinum. They hold 15 oz. of your favorite beverage and are available in three different color combinations

COLOR 3: Platinum, Turquoise, Orange & White
SOLD OUT: Gold, Teal, Pink, & White
SOLD OUT: Platinum, Teal, Orange & White

Save $5 when you order a pair!

Limit three glasses of each color per person.